Welcome to the City of Roses!

Membership is open to all who are organists or organ aficionados.  Certification is not needed to become a member, although current members are encouraged to take those tests at any of the five levels available.

There are reduced rates for students, seniors, and those who wish to only join the chapter, not national.  Those who decide to forego joining the national aspect of the Guild do not receive The American Organist magazine, but will receive our local Prestant.  A dual membership is also available, whereby a member may belong to more than one chapter.  There is a relatively-new category of Volunteer Member, designed primarily for LDS organists.

Starting the 2014-15 season, the process of joining and renewing membership is handled by our national headquarters, using an online database system called ONCARD. Current members will receive an email or paper renewal instructions for renewing their membership for the new year.  Those wishing to join AGO for the first time also join through ONCARD. This system will allow payments to be made via credit card as well as the usual cheque.

Join us here.  Members wishing to renew can do it here.

Questions?  Email Heidi Kohne, the chapter's Treasurer, Lori Thomas, the chapter's Registrar.  Articles have been appeared in The American Organist magazine about this project, including this article which may help chapter members.

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