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Dean : Bruce Neswick

Sub-Dean/Program Chair-Elect : Greg Homza

Secretary : Ward Nelson

Treasurer : Heidi Kohne

Registrar : Lori Thomas

Auditor : Bill Kuhn

Placement/Positions Coordinator : Heidi Kohne

Publicity : < empty >

Webmistress : Heidi Kohne

Examination Coordinator : < empty >

Professional Concerns : < empty >

Chaplain : David Dornack

Chapter info, general questions

Questions or ideas for current or upcoming programs

Questions/requests for Exec. Com. minutes or ballots

Budget, anything to do with chapter money

Collection of membership information, directories

Questions on long-term financial records

Positions available, subs wanted, available organists

Membership & retention ideas

Website issues and suggestions

All aspects of exams taken locally

Employer terminations, contract assistance

Officiant at Guild services, liturgical assistance

Executive Committee Members-At-Large

Hannah Brewer (3rd year)

Wally Krueger (2nd year)

Susan Friesen (1st year)


Program Committee Members

Yu-Lin Chao, Jane Mendenhall (2nd year)

Hannah Brewer, Emma Riggle(1st year)